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Senior Director


Positions Held:

Senior Director - Pop/Hits


POP2K - Program Director

The Heart - Program DIrector

XM Hitlist - Program Director

Flight 26 - Program Director

The Blend - Program Director

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From a month after arriving at XM, I oversaw the Pop channels (as well as the dance channels. 20 ON 20 was the biggest Top 40 outlet in the country, with more cume than Z100/NY at one time. It was an interactive countdown channel, where votes would be tabulated each hour based on phone calls and web voting. We also exposed new music as well. KISS and MIX were two channels that were programmed by ClearChannel, and at the time I was there, were programmed in house by programmer Kevin Kash. I worked with Kevin to insure the channels fit into the grand plan of the XM system, and worked with him on many aspects of the channels. The HEART was the original XM love songs channel, which I oversaw and later programmed, and Sirius XM Love was the same after the merger of Sirius and XM. Escape is what used to be called “beautiful music” channel, programmed by Marlin Taylor, which I oversaw. The BLEND I programmed since it came on. Before there were JACK formats, this channel was billed as a “lifestyle AC.” Basically, it was geared to anyone in their mid-40s to 50s, and played songs that they would know, regardless of era. This gave it a standout sound from other ACs, and was unique as it strived to include a generation, and the music they knew and loved.  Flight 26 was programmed by me, and was closest to what was called a HOT AC at the time. There were lots of artist specials and features that people enjoyed. John Mayer even said it was his second favorite channel (next to Soul Street). The Hitlist was a mainstream Top 40 channel that was ahead of the curve and broke a lot of new music. While we had 20 on 20 for the big hits, this brand was much more aggressive, and served a different purpose. Pop2K was our 2000-today channel and with it, we were able to highlight the music of the past decade, much that cannot be heard anywhere else.

20 On 20

Sr. Director 

20 on 20 was a countdown channel which played the top 20 hits based on listener input.  It was XMs ONLY Top 40 channel programmed internally for many years, and was when I took over the Hits channels.  It was under the PD Michelle Boros (now MD at AMP LA) and MD Priestly (MD at MIX in BALTIMORE).

Pop 2K

Sr. Director 

Pop2K played the hits from 2000 forward and was created when there was a need for it.  It quickly became a popular channels for hearing slightly older hits, and had several features and jocks that made it feel like the era.


Sr. Director 

Sirius XM Love played Love songs, and was created aftetr the merger of Sirius and XM

Flight 26

Sr. Director 

Flight 26 was a Hot AC station.  John Mayer told me it was his favorite station, next to Soul Street.  It had amazing talent that reflected the adult top 40 lifestyle.

The Blend

Sr. Director 

The Blend was an AC station, that played lifestyle AC hits at first.  Before there were JACK stations, THE BLEND played hits that would be apreciated by a 35-45 year old, withotu consideration of specific genre.


Sr. Director 

The Hitlist was a top 40 replacement for KISS which remained airing commercials once XMs channels became commercial free.


Sr. Director 

KISS was programmed by Clear Channel.

The Heart

Sr. Director 

The HEART was a love songs channel on XM before the merger.


Sr. Director 

Escape was a bueatiful music channel.  Easy Listening.


Sr. Director 

Mix was a Hit AC station programmed by ClearChannel.

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