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Career In Radio

Ever since hearing the great jocks on WABC in New York, I have had a passion for radio.  Jocks are still themselves on the air, but are also personalities.  Between being a part of that, and my love for music, it made me want to be part of this medium as a career.


I have had the opportunity to work at some amazing radio stations, and create amazing programming.  Many people have contributed to my career, but being relentless is something built into my blood.  It is NOT in my nature to leave anything half done, or not done to the best possible standard.  Wherever I work and whatever I am a part of, I feel responsible for making sure things are done right, and professionally.  Whatever it takes.


In today's busy world, the relationship between those you work for and those who work for you can get lost.  I have ALWAYS treated people that work under me with respect, the same way Ihave been treated by those over the years.  When people have respect for you, and can be part of solutions, they work better, and are happier.  Which is the way things should be.


There are many things here about ratings and digital success stories, and other things I have accomplished.  In closing, I just would like you to know that I am NOT the type of person that looks for credit or fame. I just love to work and do a great job.


If you have any questions, please email me at


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