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Satellite One, A Division of Radio One

XM Satellite Radio

Sirius XM Radio

Reference: Jon Zellner


Position Held: Sr. Director


Additional Responsibilities:

Beta test tech



Nov 2000 - Nov 2011

Over 11 years at XM, Sirius XM and Satellite One (A Division of Radio One programming XM Channels), I worked on and created more channels than anyone else on the platform, in various formats.  I was Sr. Director and oversaw the programming and staff of many genres, including Hits, Dance, Holiday, etc.  

From a month after arriving at XM, I oversaw the Pop channels as Sr. Director. Over the years, there were many changes regarding them, amd new directions.

I programmed several decades channels over the years, and was Sr. Director of several aswell after the merger with Sirius

I oversaw the dance channels including several incarnations of a classic dance/disco channel, Electornica, House and Trance.

Originally hired by Radio One to run the Satellite One Division, I was Operations Director over the operation.  We had 64 employees I oversaw, and we created 6 channels of programming for XM.  Once the partnership ended, that is when I was hired directly by XM as Sr. Director.

I created many of the Holiday Channels on XM and Sirius XM including programming Holly, Holiday Traditions, and Radio Hanukkah.

There were manyc hannels I created or oversaw that don;t fit into another category or area.  We always tried to enhance the system with new channels to keep subscriber interest.

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