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Positions Held:


90s On 9 - Program Director

50s On 5 - Sr. Director

60s On 6 - Sr. Director

40s On 4 - Sr. Director

At Sirius XM, I oversaw the 40s channel, and helped with the transition from former XM programmer Bob Moke to Sirius legacy programmer Human Numan, who programs the channel to this day. I also oversaw the 50s and 60s channels, programmed by Lou Simon. I always believe that hiring good people and giving them the opportunity to excel and come up with ideas themselves, is the right way to go. I worked closely with our programmers to help them accomplish what they wanted and as a sounding board, and to give suggestions of better ways to do things.  During different points in my 11 years with Satellite One and Sirius XM, I programmed the 90s channel as well as oversaw programmers for it. As programmer of the channel, I welcomed the challenge of creating something that is not normally heard of terrestrial radio, as 90s and Gen X stations didn’t yet exist, as well as keep a decade that was extremely musically fragmented interesting to our subscribers. Coming up with special and fun features was a big part of that, as well as DJ interaction, and allowing the subscribers to relive this period. The target listener of this channel during the 2000s was a recent top 40 listener, mainly younger, and the channel was geared as such. We took advantage of special weekends with doing all 90s mixes, party weekends (with simulated parties on the air) as well as other things that would be relevant and fun. Musically, there were always the big mainstream hits, but we didn’t shy away from regional hits and those that weren’t “A” hits all the time, to give people plenty of oh wow moments. Programming these channels was done for the music fan, and the casual listener was always along as well, but when creating any kind of premium programming, it is important I feel to make sure there is something of value available.

90s On 9

Sr. Director 

The 90s on 9 played 90s Hits

60s On 6

Sr. Director 

The 60s on 6 played 60s hits, and SOUNDED like a 60s radio station.

50s On 5

Sr. Director 

The 50s played 50s hits

40s On 4

Sr. Director 

The 40s played 40s hits

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