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Positions Held:


Radio Hanukkah - Creator and Programmer

Holly - Programmer

Holiday Traditions - Programmer

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I oversaw and created HOLLY, which was our mainstream Holiday channel and was ranked most listened to while it was on. HOLIDAY TRADITIONS was our traditional Christmas Channel which I also oversaw and programmed.  Radio Hanukkah was the 1st nationwide celebration of Hanukkah and Jewish culture built from the ground up. Instead of just having “Hanukkah” music, I decided to make this channel the epitome of Jewish culture. There were special Kids segments, live performances every day, blessings over the candles in every time zone, Yiddish segments, Israeli music hosted by the world renowned David Broza and much more. This channel received thousands of the most positive emails due to the care in programming and the passion that myself and the rest of the team put into it.


Sr. Director 

Holly was a contemporary holiday channel


Sr. Director 

Radio Hanukkah was all about Hanukkah and Jewish Culture.  Look at the diverse programs created below.

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Holiday Traditions plays classic holiday hits

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