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Positions Held:


The Strobe - Sr. Program Director

Studio 54 Radio - Sr. Director, Program Director

The System - Sr. Director

Sirius XM Chill - Sr. Director

The Move - Sr. Director

Chrome - Sr. Director, Program DIrector

BPM - Sr. Director

Area - Sr. Director

I have overseen the dance channels for XM and later Sirius XM since 2004. The MOVE was our original trance channel. CHILL came on the XM platform while I was there, and I oversaw programmer Luis Baro, who programmed that channel. The SYSTEM was a channel that was programmed by one of our 3rd party partners at XM, Worldspace, which I oversaw as well. CHROME on XM, and later STROBE were disco and classic dance channels programmed by me. STUDIO 54 RADIO was a channel I assembled most recently at Sirius XM, which received extremely positive reviews. BPM is one of the most listened to channels on the system, and I worked with my programmers Alan Freed, Skyy, and Geronimo over the years to create a format which literally is one of the few places dance is embraced nationwide. BPM has consistently won awards every year by various entities. ELECTRIC AREA is a channel which features the top mixers in the world. This is a true dance fans dream of a channel because of this.


Sr. Director 

The Strobe was a Sirius XM Classic Dance Station.


Sr. Director 

The System was progeammed by Worldspace

Studio 54

Sr. Director 

Studio 54 was a classic dance station.


Sr. Director 

Chill plays chill music in the dance genre.

The Move

Sr. Director 

The Move plays house music


Sr. Director 

Chrome was a classic dance channel on XM


Sr. Director 

BPM was a  current EDM channel


Sr. Director 

Area plays house music on Sirius XM

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