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Special Thanks... and I mean it from the heart


If you have talent, drive, desire, you can get to the places you want.  However, I always feel talent is about 50% of the equation.  Followed by 25% of just fate (however you care to explain it) and the last 25% who you know.


I have had ups and downs in my life, and career.  I owe so much to so many people.  And hopefully, I will contune to always do the right thing and pay it forward.  


But there are some people who really made a difference for me.  They took a chance when nobody else would.  Empowered me to do my best, and may have done something that changed my life.


To this, I would like to take the time to thank them here.  Granted, I don;t know how many people will actually read this... if any! But at least I feel like II have put their thank yous in the world publically.


If you are not here, it doesn't mean I don;t appreciate you, or like you.  This list has very specific ways about it.



  • Gary Spears

  • Ric Cummings

  • Steve Smith

  • Pat Gillen

  • Joel Denver

  • Steve Kingston both different people... people change

  • Bill Tanner

  • Dan Turner??

  • Lee Abrams

  • Carey Edwards

  • Steve Harris

  • John Grappone - took a chance

  • Jefferson Ward - sent congratualstions jefferson in modesto who would do that today ekla story of last airshift


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