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Director of Operations - Satellite One


Position Held:


Director Of Operations

Satellite One

A Division of Radio One Inc.


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As Director of Operations for Satellite One, a Division of Radio One Inc., I was responsible for the creation, programming, and maintenance of all aspects of our XM channels, as we were partnered with XM to provide 5 channels of programming as part of the original XM plan.  During this time, we built new state of the art studios, utilizing the same equipment as XM for their own channels at the Radio One Lanham national headquarters. I hired and oversaw 5 programmers for our channels, as well as a total staff of 64 persons, which included programmers, jocks, producers, talk show talent, engineers, and more.  Some of the highlights from this experience include creating CLUB 82, the first all mix show channel (later replaced by The City), in which we built a state of the art dual studio for mixing. The FLOW was originally created as our Urban Top 40 branded channel, however as the Neo-Soul movement became more popular in the early 2000s, this channel was rebranded as a true Neo Soul channel, and The City was added as the Urban Top 40 channel. RAW was the first uncensored Hip Hop channel at a time, when this was not available anywhere. The SPIRIT was a gospel channel, at a time when the rise of the format was becoming prevalent, especially in the south, and there were many un-served markets.  The POWER was the first African American 24/7 nationwide talk channel. Hosts such as Joe Madison (who is on The Power as well as TV One each morning still today) and Mark Thompson rounded out a group of people which brought the first unique perspective of many topics to the African American community, including Money Matters, sports, relationship advice, and a political show directly from Capitol Hill each day. The POWER was truly a huge creation in a previously nonexistent area.

Club 82

Club 82 was an all mix channel, the world's first.

The Power

The Power was an African American talk channel


20 on 20 stuff here


The Spirit was a gospel channel


The Flow was a Neo Soul channel

The City

The City was an urban top 40 channel

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